Topics Covered In the Workshop

Session I: Introduction to Basic Electronics 

  • Basic Electronics Components
  • Resistor (Ohms Law, Voltage & Current)
  • Capacitors
  • Diode
  • Integrated Circuit
  • LEDs
  • Transistor
  • LDR’s
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Breadboard
  • Logic Gates
  • Practical Use of Electronics Components like Resistor, Capacitor & Diode.

Session 2: Introduction to Circuit Designing (My First Circuit) 

  • Introduction
  • Breadboard Description

Hands on Session

Circuit 1: Designing basic Circuit for LED Glowing on breadboard.

Circuit 2: Buzzer Testing on breadboard.

Circuit 3: LDR based Light Operating System.

Circuit 4: Water Tank Full Alert

Session 3: Advanced Circuit Designing

Circuit 5: Dancing Light using Transistor & Six LEDs.

Circuit 6: Musical Bell (UM66)

Circuit 7: Morning Alarm depend on Light.

Circuit 8: Fire Alarm using IC.

Circuit 9: Siren (Ambulance, Police, Fire) using IC.

Circuit 10: Logic Gates (AND, OR & NOT) Gate. 

Session 4: Quiz & Competition

 At the end of the workshop a small competition will be organized & winning team will get the certification of excellence.

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